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Marriage at its best can be a source of security, love and partnership for life. At its worst it can be downright miserable. Many people have the mistaken belief that great marriages ‘just happen’. That’s simply not the case. Every marriage needs a significant amount of attention and hard work.

No matter how strong a marriage there will be crisis situations that couples will have to resolve. In a healthy marriage, couples can get beyond difficult situations by using advanced interpersonal communication and negotiating skills. Open communication along with positive, focused dispute resolution helps many couples get past the tough spots and move forward.

Unfortunately, not every couple possesses these skills for interpersonal communication, dispute resolution, and relationship based decision-making. Most couples encountering relationship difficulty lack the necessary skills in one or more of these areas which makes resolution more difficult. A couple in this situation is best served to seek the help of a professional. A marriage counselor has the training and experience to teach them the necessary skills to get through a crisis in their relationship.

There are many highly qualified African American marriage therapists all over the United States. Here are some of the best ones in the state of Colorado:

African American Therapy in Aurora, Co

Dr. Tony D. Bandele:

Dr. Bandele is a psychologist with extensive experience in couples therapy. He has clinical experience in working with couples, as well as families, adolescents and individuals. He works to facilitate realizations in couples and individuals to understand how their thought processes and poor decision-making created their current crisis. Once the crux of the crisis’ origin is understood, Dr. Bandele leads his clients toward an ability to mindfully making positive decisions in difficult situations. This is done by altering the thought processes that precipitate questionable decisions. When these thoughts become positive and proactive, there is invariably an improvement in the decision-making process.

Dr. Bandele has experience in treating a variety disorders that can contribute to marital difficulty including low self-esteem, anxiety, depression, and anger management problems. He is an outspoken advocate for social justice in the community. Dr. Bandele is a graduate of the University of Denver and practices in Aurora, Colorado

African American Counseling in Aurora, Co

Janelle Johnson:

Ms. Johnson has experience in working with a diverse client base to treat the needs of couples, individuals, and families. She has considerable experience in marriage and relationship counseling as well as a wide variety of other client types. She has experience in working with intellectual and academic difficulties in children and adolescents which can be a source of stress and conflict among married couples. She is especially sensitive to the concerns and fears of couples who may be new to therapy. She encourages new clients to ask her any questions and share their feelings as she outlines the treatment process.

Ultimately, Ms. Johnson’s goal is to improve the lives of her clients. Her greatest validation is when clients can enjoy satisfying relationships, happiness in life and success in their personal goals. By helping her clients live in balance, peace and harmony change can occur on a personal and relationship level. Ms. Johnson is a graduate of Regis University and practices in Aurora, Colorado.

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