marriage endures at least some challenges. When these challenges become overwhelming its time to turn to an experienced professional for help. A marital counselor can work with a couple to improve interpersonal communication, conflict resolution skills, and to find the resolution to problematic issues from the past.

Additionally, a well-qualified counselor can help one or both partners with any ancillary issue that is impacting the marriage adversely. These can include self-esteem issues, anxiety, depression, eating disorders, anger issues or substance abuse problems.

There are many counselors serving the African-American community that are ready to help with any relationship problem. These are some of the best African American marital therapists in North Carolina:

Shiricka Fair:

Ms. Fair specializes in helping married couples with relationship and communications difficulties. She operates from a holistic perspective to address problematic issues leveraging physical, mental, emotional and spiritual remedies.

One of her primary areas of focus is understanding and improving the dynamics of romantic relationships. In addition to counseling services for married couples, Ms. Fair provides pre-marital counseling. By dealing with any potentially contentious issues, before the marriage, a couple can build the foundation for a happy and loving partnership.

A unique component of Ms. Fair’s practice is her emphasis on career and money related topics. This focus makes perfect sense is finances are so often a thorny issue in even the best marriages.

When all of the basic survival needs are in good shape, it’s significantly easier for a couple to focus on each other and the well being of their relationship. Along with her private therapy practice, Ms. Fair conducts seminars in a number of areas including marital harmony, career success and money management. Ms. Fair is a graduate of Pfeiffer University and practices in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Sherra’ White:

Dr. White emphasizes the need for individuals to make time for their important relationships despite all of the demands on their time and energy such as work, family, and general day to day survival. She employs a holistic, multidisciplinary approach that includes an emphasis on psychological, spiritual, emotional, mental and vocational health.

When one area of an individual’s life is out of balance, it becomes difficult for them to maintain harmony in other areas of life and particularly in their intimate relationships.

Ms. White also treats a variety of other problematic behaviors, many of which can be a component of marital discord. Some of her other areas of care include career and financial counseling, smoking and addiction cessation, depression, anxiety, family counseling and HIV/AIDS related issues. Ms. White is a graduate of East Carolina University and practices in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Cynthia Seaforth:

Ms. Seaforth focuses primarily on marriage, relationship and family counseling. She understands that the chaotic pace of modern life doesn’t always lend itself to self-examination or to finding understanding about relationship dynamics.

For that reason, she suggests that her therapy practice is the perfect environment for individuals and couples to slow down and find a sense of who they are and where they are going.

Ms. Seaforth emphasizes the team concept with herself and her clients. Together she hopes to work towards a better life and more harmonious existence for those who seek her care. Ms. Seaforth is a graduate of Pfeiffer University and practices in Charlotte, North Carolina.

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