At it’s best, marriage is a wonderful union between two fully actualized people. It is a partnership for life based on love, trust and commitment. But even the best marriages experience tough times. When this happens, couples must deal with the crisis using their communications skills and dispute resolution techniques.

A good marriage doesn’t ‘just happen’ but requires constant attention and prioritization. Unfortunately, there are many couples who don’t have adequate skill sets to facilitate the important components of working through a crisis in their relationship. They may not have good interpersonal communications skills or else their conflict resolution style is too confrontational.

Couples who are having trouble resolving a problematic situation on their own should enlist the help of a trained and experienced professional. A marriage counselor or therapist can teach couples how to mediate disagreements with open and honest communication.

There are many good African-American marriage therapists throughout the country. Here are a few of the best ones in the state of Ohio:

Kimberly Bozeman:

Ms. Bozeman has experience in a wide range of clinical situations including marriage and couples therapy. Her philosophy is: “If it’s important enough to bother you, it’s important enough to discuss!” She uses a holistic approach to therapy with the course of treatment built around the individuals in a relationship and their specific needs. This way she can tailor each client’s treatment to best deal with their unique situation.

Ms. Bozeman can treat ancillary conditions that can have a negative impact on a relationship. These include attention-deficit disorder (ADD), domestic violence, substance abuse, depression and anxiety among others. She is a graduate of Liberty University and practices at two locations in Columbus, Ohio.

Veda Cannon

Ms. Cannon is a marriage and family therapists with over two decades of clinical experience. She specializes in assisting the victims of trauma or abuse and can also help couples suffering from these situations. Her treatment process begins with helping the individual or couple understand and evaluate their intellectual and emotional resources. Once a client has a grasp of the tools at their disposal, Ms. Cannon assists them with understanding how their relationship reached the crisis stage. With greater self-awareness, the client can formulate a plan to deal with the current situation and to find a path toward a happier and more prosperous future.

Ms. Cannon strives to create an environment of trust, safety, and comfort in her practice. Her goal is to offer clients services that promote understanding, healing and personal growth. She seeks to treat relationships in crisis by facilitating the development of new skills–interpersonal communication, goal setting and positive dispute resolution. She specializes in working with individuals, couples and families dealing with life transitions.

Additional areas of treatment include infidelity, anger management issues, depression, anxiety, trauma, and grief. Her methods can help individuals and couples get through the tough times and set the foundation for a better future. Successful couples can communicate openly and honestly and resolve difficulties in a non-confrontational manner. These are the skills that Ms. Cannon imparts to her clients. She is a graduate of Cal State Sacramento and practices in Richmond Heights, Ohio.