Relationship experts agree across the board that couples should consistently go on dates together to reassure a healthy love life. Often times, couples dismiss the idea due to time restraints, lack of financial resources, and child care issues.

Are you and your partner looking for creative date night ideas that you could do any night of the week, while the kids are asleep and that won’t break the bank? Well look no further.  Here are eight creative activities that promise fun and romance without financial demise and a ton of planning.

Candle lit dinner at home:

Preparing your mate’s favorite meal may require a little bit of planning, shopping and skill, but there is nothing more romantic than creating a gift from the heart.  There is a plethora of online recipe sites that give step by step instructions.  Often times you can even find recipes from your favorite restaurant and duplicate you and your partner’s favorite dish.

Prepare a meal together:

You can take suggestion number one a step further and make the meal a joint effort.  The two of you can search for a recipe together while sipping cocktails and listening to some great romantic music.  It’s the perfect opportunity for intimate conversation and laughter.

Couple’s dance in the living room:

Okay, so who needs a night club when you can create your own dance floor at home?  Simply search for some of your favorite love songs on-line and voile… You’ve got your own two step session with the love of your life.  This requires very little planning and absolutely no money.  You can even dress like you are going out, dim the lights, and extend an invitation to dance the night away.

Outdoor/Indoor picnic:

This is one of my favorites because it can be done for breakfast, lunch, or dinner.  Throw a blanket on the floor or ground and sprinkle some rose petals on the blanket.  Pack a picnic basket with your favorite treats and enjoy.

Water fight:

Now this may seem a little juvenile to some, but the couple that plays together stays together.  Plan a day of fun that can be flirtatious, youthful, and competitive. Fill up a couple of the kids’ water guns or balloons and have at it.  This is obviously a warm weather activity but in the winter you can consider a snow ball fight.  Just remember to be nice and keep it fun and flirty.

At home camping:  

I personally am not an outdoor kind of girl however, the kid in me wouldn’t mind building a fort indoors.  If your architectural skills are not up to par, use a pop up tent in the back yard or even the basement.  Pack a couple of flashlights and get ready to explore.  If you take the fun outside, consider building a bond fire and cuddling up over some home-made s’mores.

At home spa night:

Not willing to spend money on a professional massage?  Well look no further than the one you love.  Create your own atmosphere of relaxation by playing some soothing music, burning scented candles, and using your favorite, fragrant body oil to provide a sensual massage. You can even give each other manis and pedis to seal the deal. Make sure you take turns.

Snuggle up for a good movie:

If all else fails, you can cuddle on the couch and watch your favorite television series or movie.  No need to stand in line at the theatre and pay ten bucks for a small popcorn.  Enjoys each other’s company while rocking lounge wear or pajamas.

As you can see there are many creative ways to enjoy an inexpensive date with your mate.  Try one of these activities and explore enhancing your relationship no matter what your schedule or finances may look like.  It just may be the solution to relationship boredom.