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Is it really free?

Yes! In exchange for adding our approval badge on your site, you can list your profile in our directory for FREE forever!

Do I have to give my credit card info?

No. You are not being billed, so no credit card info is required.

What’s The Catch?

There is no catch. It is really free. However, in order to combat spam and fake listings, we will not approve any listing unless it is from a verifiable business/company email address (e.i.

Get Your FREE listing in 3 Easy Steps...

Add Approval Badge

Add our approval badge below anywhere on your site, making sure that the badge is clickable, and linking back to

Email Us for Confirmation

Email us HERE with the URL of the badge on your site. We will then confirm that the badge is clickable back to

Kick Back

Once we confirm your badge is placed on your site correctly, simply chill back and let the leads roll in for free.

Choose a Badge to Add to Your Site

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Qualifications For Free Listing

To qualify for the Free Membership, you must:

(1) Have a website for your private practice.

(2) Place our “Approved Therapist” badge anywhere on your site (preferably your homepage, but not required)

(3) Make sure the badge is clickable, and is linking back to

(4) Email us HERE with the URL of the badge on your site.

What do the approval badges look like (Choose One)?

Please leave a message and we will respond as quickly as possible. We make every effort to respond to all badge submissions within 1-3 business days.