You hold a lot of life in as it is, and in the heaviness of all that is going on, YOU are looking for a therapist. Some may get it, others, you may feel will try to shame you. I congratulate you for taking that step today. Culturally speaking, acknowledging mental illness in one’s self is taboo, even weak. In many situations, mental wellness is often assumed to be unnecessary to talk about, especially in Black and Brown communities. The signs and symptoms are “easily noticed”; however, therapy is rarely encouraged as a part of the “getting better process”. Therapy is a great place to figure it out, IF you are willing and ready.
Being able to build rapport is foundational to the framework of therapy. What I’ve learned through my journey is that people look forward to having a therapist that they feel wants to see the best of them. I specialize in bringing awareness to barriers of progress, developing healthy relationships, and increasing emotional awareness to stimuli (EQ).
Not acknowledging that you need assistance is in fact by definition, insane. Being aware of who you are and where you are in life are fundamental in developing a plan for success. IF success is your aim, let’s work on a realistic game plan.

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