I enjoy seeing people do well. Life can be challenging and navigating turbulent times, daunting. It seems like our world is in a state of unrest-are you questioning who you are, and where you belong. Coping with it all is no easy task. Whatever the source of your unrest, be it emotional distress, anxiety, employment/relationship issues, and trauma/tragedy, I can help. I approach counseling from a Christian perspective. I believe the word of God has many remedies for improved quality of life. Let’s collaborate creative strategies to turn your life experiences into purpose.
You are where you are, and I am glad that you have chosen to seek support. Your well-being and growth will be my top priority; thus, I will challenge faulty beliefs, and give honest compassionate feedback to empower you into positive behavioral changes. I have served in varied settings with veterans, active duty personnel, children, and youth.
Challenges will come, face them with optimism. The human ability to change, grow, and elevate is remarkable. I believe in the human ability to learn new things, adapt to change, and turn challenges into opportunities. Do you need to regain a sense of belonging and direction? Give me a call and let us chart a new path to your greatness and life success.

  • Price Range $100.00 - $130.00