If you have arrived to my page I believe it was not by accident. You were guided to this page seeking assistance from a trusted, safe and compassionate Christian Counselor. I will support you with unresolved trauma, a wounded heart, addictive patterns, unwanted behaviors and or life’s transitions.
You deserve to live in peace and to have clarity while doing so! God is calling you to walk into a new normal, releasing everything causing you to be stagnant. Whatever your reasons, I am happy you are here and believe that you’ve made the right first step.
I counsel individuals, couples and families that are experiencing complex relational problems, childhood/adult trauma & those dealing with addictions or codependent behaviors. I assist by utilizing Cognitive Behavioral Techniques, Person Centered Approach & Christ-Centered Therapy as well as utilizing Motivational Interviewing tools.
I personally understand how change can be a scary process but staying where you are can be equally frightening. It‘s time to invest in what matters most, Your Heart! Your new chapter awaits. Call today for your free 15-minute consultation. You can also book through my website at YourHeartMatters365.com.
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  • Price Range $60 - $120.00

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