Save Your Marriage with a Weekend to Remember

Even if you’ve tried marriage counseling before and failed, we can help your relationship in just two, three or four days.

Why Book A Marriage Intensive With Tanika?

I Work Exclusively With Couples

100% of my practice is focused on counseling couples. I am trained specifically as a couples' therapist. I was not trained as an individual therapist who so happen to see couples on the side.

My Intensives Are Accelerated Marriage Therapy

My marriage intensives are a down "in the trenches" program aimed at restoring your marriage in 2, 3 or 4 days. Intensives are comparable to 3-6 months of weekly traditional marriage counseling.

Experience And Education

I've been a marriage therapist for almost 15 years. My bachelors, and masters degrees have all been in marriage counseling. I have done many intensives over the years, and the results have been transforming for many couples who were on the brink of divorce.

I have a No-nonsense Approach to Counseling

When I work with couples, I give honest, in-depth, detailed feedback to the most challenging issues. I deliver solutions with empathy, compassion, understanding, and caring. But it will be frank and to the point.

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About Your Therapist

Hi my name is Tanika Forestal, I am a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and the founder of Better Black Marriages.

I can assure you when you attend one of my weekend intensives, you will be working with a highly skilled marriage therapist.

I have worked with a lot of prominent individuals and couples, some  of whom have seen other therapists and were not pleased with the results.

I can confidently say that all of my clients usually leave my intensives feeling closer and much more connected than ever before.

For almost 15 years I have devoted my life’s work to assisting couples with creating a more fulfilling relationship.  

As a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, I have had the opportunity to impact marriages across the U.S. and internationally with my private weekend intensives.  

My education background includes a Bachelor of Science degree in psychology from Michigan State University and a Master of Arts degree in marriage and family therapy from Christian Theological Seminary.  

I also train aspiring therapists as an adjunct faculty member at Indiana Wesleyan University in Marion, IN.  

I am very passionate about my community and serve as a Region 1 representative for the Indiana Association for Marriage and Family Therapy, the President of the board for Authentic Center, LLC, a member of the board for Carver Community Center, and a member of the Board of Psychology at Indiana University Kokomo.  

My expertise has been noted in Ebony and Essence Magazine for my innovative ways of reaching African Americans and debunking myths concerning therapy in the black community.  

I’ve been fortunate to coach and successfully impact the marriages of well- known celebrities, professional athletes and anyone wanting to take their relationship to the next level.

Find Out if Our Intensive Weekend is Right For You?

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How Much Does it Cost?

2-Day Retreat


Include Lodging

* $1,540 non-refundable deposit is req’d to secure your date. (Full payment is due 1 week before retreat.)

3-Day Retreat


Include Lodging

* $1,540 non-refundable deposit is req’d to secure your date. (Full payment is due 1 week before retreat.)

4-Day Retreat


Include Lodging

* $1,540 non-refundable deposit is req’d to secure your date. (Full payment is due 1 week before retreat.)

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Frequently asked questions

Good news! Paypal will give you a six-month, or more, no-interest payment plan. You can learn more here. Many of the couples we work with have been impacted by the recession in 2008. Marital Therapy is an excellent investment.

Before I can secure your date, I’d like to speak with you to ensure that I am a good fit for  your situation.

Please call me right now at (765) 575-4617 or fill out the form here and I’ll call you.

  • Each partner should read The 5 Love Languages by Gary Chapman.
  • Make your $500 deposit (Full payment due 1 week before retreat).
  • Arrange for childcare and time completely off of work.
  • Make travel arrangements including car rental.

Our retreat is located in Kokomo, Indiana and we’ll schedule your two, three or four day retreat as soon as possible. We can travel to your location upon request, but you will be responsible for our cost of travel, and fees for the entire weekend.

We will ONLY work with one couple at a time so if you really want to attend our next couples retreat, secure your spot by putting down a $300 deposit. The deposit is non-refundable so make sure that this is something that you really want to do.

  • (2)-Day Intensive Marriage Retreat $3,500
  • (3)-Day Intensive Marriage Retreat $4,500
  • (4)-Day Marriage Intensive Retreat $6,500
  • (5)-Day marriage intensive retreat  $6,500

How is Marriage Intensive Different From Traditional Marriage Therapy?

There are plenty of options available for couples in a troubled marriage. While the traditional counseling format works for some couples, it isn’t an ideal situation.

Devoting just an hour a week to communicating about relationship issues can be insufficient for a marriage facing severe challenges.

For more serious problems, it’s essential to take a more immersive and comprehensive approach to solving them. Something as important as the lifelong commitment of marriage deserves privacy, focus and immersion when there’s some component of it that needs repair.

At our Better Black Marriages intensive retreat, which is facilitated by a Licensed Marriage Therapist, Tanika Forestal (read my BIO here).

We place all of the focus on your relationship and what changes are necessary for it to survive and prosper.

The goal is to help settle unresolved issues, improve communication and intimacy.

This process ultimately leads to a happy, passionate and devoted marital relationship. These private intensive marital retreats are not a ‘workshop’ or ‘seminar’ but a very personal and immersive experience that will transform your relationship and strengthen your marriage.

Our program is not a ‘one size fits all’ method but instead offers a holistic approach to the specific issues affecting your relationship.

What Does Our Intensive Counseling Retreat Look Like?

The Better Black Marriages retreat format is a program of two days or three days depending on your individual situation and the needs of your relationship.

We’ll help you figure out which format is best for your needs. After receiving confirmation of your signup, we’ll get to work immediately.

We’ll start by having you fill out some questionnaires in order for us to get a comprehensive understanding of your situation. In some cases, we’ll follow up with telephone/skype interviews so that we’ll have a good grasp of your relationship’s needs in advance of your arrival.

Our goal is to gain as much understanding of your relationship and the challenges it faces before your intensive retreat begins. Once you’ve been able to settle into the accommodations of your choosing, we’ll get things started by meeting with you face to face.

We’ll spend the afternoon getting to know you better and gaining more insight into your mutual goals as a couple and the problems facing your marriage.

This personal ‘get acquainted’ session also gives us an opportunity to fine tune our approach to working with you and helping you with your specific situation.

Communication is the essence of every successful relationship, and it’s also the foundation of our counseling program. We’ll teach you some techniques that have been proven successful at improving the interpersonal communications dynamic within a marriage.

As we begin to communicate with each other on a deeper level, we can start to get a clear picture of how the problems in your marriage started and what will be necessary to move beyond them. When each partner can communicate with the other honestly, positively and with the goal of finding resolution the other issues often take care of themselves quickly.

Our philosophy of a good marriage is one in which each person can live as an individual and join in a union of shared goals and values. For that reason, the program for working with every couple is unique both in content and structure.

The process is intensive but not overwhelming, and there will be time for breaks, snacks and other ‘downtime’. Our goal is to provide an immersive atmosphere for more intense counseling than is possible in hourly sessions twice a month, not to browbeat you into submission.

Even though the specific tools we use may vary the result is to help you learn about yourself, your partner, and your relationship.

We’ll show you ways to express your needs more clearly and to better understand your partner. Many relationship problems find resolution simply by improving the lines of communication between husband and wife.

You’ll find us to be highly skilled, effective and likable team with the dedication and experience necessary to achieve meaningful and lasting improvement in your relationship and marriage.

Our approach is non-sectarian and interdisciplinary–we combine a variety of techniques and methodology to best address the needs of each couple’s relationship.

Each daily session lasts four hours. Our experience has shown that this is the ‘sweet spot’ for balance the desire for intensive work with the human capacity for mental, physical and emotional overload.

It’s greatly advantageous over the typical ‘one hour once or twice a month’ couples’ therapy. The afternoons will be free for you to rest or recreate however you want.

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Why Attend a Weekend Intensive

Guaranteed privacy

Marriage is a union between two and I understand that letting in a third party is hard enough. This is why everything you discuss with the therapist is private and confidential. I don’t just offer therapy; I also provide a safe haven where you can communicate freely without the fear of being judged on any of your private information being exposed.

Ready to help anytime

As a licensed marriage therapist, I respect how difficult it is to finally make the decision to call or send a message. For this reason, unlike most counseling establishments, I do not strictly operate with a waiting list. My services are readily available anytime you are ready to schedule your retreat. You can even schedule your intensive during the week if that’s more convenient.

Personalized care for each couple

Every marriage is unique hence needs a therapist who is committed to understanding the specific issues that need to be addressed. I subscribe to the theory that every couple needs a customized approach. After years of experience, I know that the key to helping couples resolving their issues is to offer therapy that specifically addresses their particular needs.

Helping you heal

My objective is to work hard at getting to the bottom of the issue so that you don’t have to come for marriage therapy forever. The goal is to ensure couples leave therapy with problem solving and coping skills that will help them deal with any other problems they face in future.

One-on-one sessions with a knowledgeable and experienced licensed marriage therapist

I have committed my life to nurturing relationships and restoring lost trust and happiness. This is why I offer intensive one on one sessions and no group work.

Your journey to self discovery and happiness begins now

Don’t let negative thinking, poor habits, or a dysfunctional relationship inhibit you from living a happy and content life. All these issues can be worked through in a nurturing, safe and collaborative environment in which I conduct all my therapy sessions. I am devoted to helping you identify the detrimental patterns in your life and helping you find effective alternatives and positive coping skills.

I believe that together we can foster personal growth by exploring your strengths and finding realistic and practical ways to incorporate these in your everyday life. With an open mind and open heart, you can use the insights I provide to build healthy habits and stronger coping mechanisms. I gladly welcome any questions you may have about marriage therapy, so feel free to contact me anytime.

Do you have a question you need an answer to? Call 765-575-4617