Do you want to learn ways to save your marriage fast? Then you may want to look for some good books for troubled marriages. Luckily, there are many such books available today. Try reading some of the books listed below and practice what they teach and watch as your relationship improves:

1. Depression Fallout

In Depression Fallout, Anne Sheffield explains what happens to a relationship when one or both of the partners are depressed. She then prescribes the solution of these problems by sharing some essential information, smart advice and compassion with married couples going through a tedious loop because of depression.

You will also learn how to take charge over your life and relationship, restore your optimism, sense of humor and peace of mind. When you combine all these lessons, you have an effective recipe for the saving of your marriage.

2. Divorce Busting

Written by Michele Weiner- Davis, this book offers effective and down- to- earth advice to married couples who work together. This is among the best books for people struggling to save a sinking marriage.

3. Fighting for Your Marriage

This book was written by a tripartite group comprised of Howard Markman, Susan Blumberg and Scott Stanley. It is designed to prevent divorce in every possible way. Couples who are struggling through their marriage (especially those who were initially happily married) need to fall back on the advice provided on this book.

4. Getting the Love You Want

From this book (that was written by the renowned author Harville Hendrix, Ph.D.) you will learn a lot about different aspects of a marriage. You will learn how the remaining behavior and desires of childhood can interfere with your marriage, how you can use your marriage to fulfil your childhood needs and tips on relationship therapy.

5. Hold Me Tight

Penned by Sue Johnson, Hold Me Tight has been heralded by Time magazine and the New York Times as the married couples’ therapy literature with one of the highest rates of success.

It enunciates Emotionally Focused Therapy’ which is known to work because it views marriage as a love relationship with deep attachment bonds. Dr. Sue Johnson presents this scientifically- proven therapeutic path to couples around the world in this book.

You will learn how to save your relationship, re- establish emotional connection, preserve your attachment bond and enrich your relationship. With time, you will learn ways to save your marriage fast.

6. Passage to Intimacy

In this edition, Jon Frandsen and Lori Gordon explain powerful experiences and concepts that are universally famed for transforming relationships. The book will help you work your way through those uncharted territories you never thought you would experience with your marriage, deal with problems and come out stronger than before. Additionally, the book will help you rekindle your troubled marriage in ways you never thought possible.

Overall, there are many other books dedicated to helping rocky relationships get back on track. The sooner you read the books listed above (and any other you may find), the faster your marriage will be resuscitated before it burns out altogether.