Tips on How to Meet Black Christian Singles

Are you looking to meet that special someone?  Does it seem as if there is no one out there with the same Christian values and when there is they are already taken?  Well maybe you are wondering, “Where on Earth can you meet black Christian singles?”  Well here are some suggestion on where you can hopefully meet that right person for you.

Church: Obviously if you are looking for someone with the same beliefs as you, it may be a good idea to look right at your church home.  Now I know you have probably been there and done that, but it has to be stated.  For the most part there are usually more single women in church than man.  Therefore, your local church is a great place to meet a woman.  It could be a little more difficult for women to meet single men at church, but it is possible.

Mutual Friends:  So if you haven’t received your blessing at your home church, a good friend that knows you well may know the perfect match for you. You may meet that person through a friend of a friend, and it may prove to be the spiritual love connection of a lifetime.  A friend can be a great resource because they know you, your heart for God, and often times your standards.  A good friend will not have you caught up in some mess!  Most likely they will be just as picky as you are when connecting you with the right match.

Social Events:  Another great place to meet God’s people is at social events geared towards Christian activities such as concerts, charity events, and social gatherings.  Keep in mind, you have to be willing to mingle and be approachable.  Making new friends and networking contacts can actually lead to lifelong connections that can sometimes lead to a divine setup.

Small Groups:  Small groups such as Bible studies established by your church or someone else’s church is an excellent way to meet a prospective single.  I am in favor of this because you often have the opportunity to hear a person’s spiritual perspective and learn more about their walk with God.  It’s also a social gathering where the groups are usually categorized by age, walks of life such as divorced, single, couples etc.  This takes away some of the guessing when it comes to where people are in life.

Online Dating Sites:  Okay, so we live in a new era.  People meet in non-traditional ways and I have heard some positive testimonies as well as creepy reports.  However, online dating sites are an option and have proven to be a good one for some people.  There are sites that are specifically geared towards Christians as well as black Christians such as and

If you do in fact take your chances at love by internet, I would suggest meeting your online suitors in public places, or with a group of friends if you decide to meet someone face to face.  Safety first is my motto.  You can look at a person’s Facebook timeline to see if they have post that do not necessarily match with your value system.

If you find that you really connect with someone and feel as if it could get serious, I would even go as far as paying for an online background check.  You never can be too careful in this day and time.

If you are in a place where you are aggressively seeking a relationship and you feel as if you are definitely ready, trust that God will bless you with the desires of your heart.  Also open yourself up to meeting new people and trying new things.  There is a person out there for everyone, however we have to make room for love to happen.