Television shows and movies make marriage look deceptively simple, if not completely effortless. That’s simply not the truth. Even the best relationships require constant attention and care. Even the happiest couples encounter crisis spots that can threaten the relationship. Couples in successful marriages know how to deal with the crisis.

They employ honest and open communication to understand what’s wrong as well as the needs of their partner. They use non-adversarial conflict resolution skills to work out a solution that is acceptable to both. Finally, they focus on mutual goals in order to refocus the relationship on the future.

Unfortunately, not every couple has the necessary skill set for proactively and positively working through difficult situations. For many married couples, the best move is to enlist the help of a trained and experienced professional. A marriage therapist can help couples develop the same dispute resolution tools. A counselor can teach a married couple how to improve interpersonal communication and conflict resolution.

There are top notch African American marriage counselors all over the United States. Here are some of the best ones in Indiana:

Eddie Journey: Mr. Journey is a spiritually integrated professional therapist with experience treating individuals, couples, and families. He treats each client and couple as individuals. This approach applies to evaluating their situation as well as formulating an appropriate course of action. Mr. Journey’s treatment methodology focuses on changing thought patterns and behaviors that result in negative situations. The goal is for people to ‘rewire’ their thought process to understand the mistakes that they’ve made in the past and to make more positive decisions in the future.

The healing process begins by helping clients understand how they got here in the first place. Mr. Journey works with clients and couples to try and identify what thoughts, behaviors or emotions result in the current crisis. Once clients identify the problem, the healing can begin. Mr. Journey then helps clients to undergo a transformation in how they think and live replacing negatives with positives. This technique provides them with a strong foundation for achieving personal goals as well as facilitating strong relationship ties. Mr. Journey is a graduate of the Christian Theological Seminary and practices in Indianapolis, Indiana.

Donna M. Maye: Ms. Maye is a Pre-Licensure Counselor at Hope Haven Psychological Resource. She provides treatment for individuals, families and couples experiencing crisis or who just want to get a better understanding of who they are and where they are going. Her ultimate end is to empower her clients to live more fulfilling lives as an individual or as a couple. She strives to create a safe space in her therapy practice that promotes healing and growth.

Ms. Maye has experience in treating clients in crisis situations including emotional and psychological issues that can damage relationships. These conditions include domestic violence, sexual abuse, obesity, anxiety, depression and substance abuse. She works to address the needs of the individual suffering from the condition, as well as those of the other partner in the relationship. Ms. Maye is a graduate of Christian Theological Seminary and practices in Indianapolis, Indiana.

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