Romance novels and movies portray marriage as being extremely simple. It doesn’t work that way. Even the most loving relationships require occasional attention and nurturing. Every marriage will eventually encounter a crisis spot or other difficult situation. Couples in strong marriages know how to deal with the negative issue. They communicate openly and honestly about their feelings, needs, and problems. They use non-adversarial dispute resolution skills to reach a solution that is a ‘win/win’. Finally, they focus on the future and mutual life goals to recalibrate the marriage and move it forward.

Unfortunately, not every couple has the well-developed interpersonal skills necessary to resolve difficult situations in a positive, mutually acceptable manner. For many married couples, turning to an objective and detached third party is a virtual necessity. A marriage counselor can teach couples in crisis effective interpersonal communication and conflict resolution skills. Once a couple can get beyond anger and impasse healing can begin.

There are many excellent African American marriage counselors all over the United States. Here are some of the best ones in Wisconsin:

Shakina Robinson:

Ms. Robinson is a counselor with experience treating individuals, families and couples. Marriage and relationship counseling is among her specialties, but she has also treated many conditions that can contribute to relationship problems. These include substance abuse, OCD, depression, anxiety, and anger management among many others. In some problematic marriages, these primary psychological and emotional issues must be addressed before the focus can move to healing the relationship.

Ms. Robinson’s treatment methods are as diverse as her client base. She emphasizes that everyone ‘has a destiny’ to fulfill both individually and as a married couple. When problems arise, she is passionate about helping others ‘overcome their personal struggles’ to move forward in life. Ms. Robinson is a graduate of Capella University and practices in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

Thomas Andrew Doughman:

Mr. Doughman is a marriage and family therapist who has experience working with couples, individuals, and families. Mr. Doughman’s methodology emphasizes cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT). This therapeutic method seeks to ‘rewire’ your thought process to eliminate problematic feelings and behaviors. It starts with identification of the thoughts that trigger negative feelings and actions. Once isolated, they can be neutralized and replaced with positive responses. One of the primary advantages of cognitive behavioral therapy is the relatively quick solvency it provides for most individuals. Mr. Doughman says that the typical individual or couple will need ‘three to six sessions’ to realize the change that they desire.

Mr. Doughman has over twenty years of experience in the behavioral health field. In addition to his certification as a marriage and family therapist, he is a licensed social worker and a certified substance abuse counselor. This background enables him to treat the ancillary or contributory behavioral issues that contribute to relationship difficulties.

These issues include depression, anxiety, anger, addiction and obsessive-compulsive disorder. Mr. Doughman is also highly experienced dealing with relationship issues unique to the gay community. He emphasizes ‘one size does not fit all’ when it comes to therapy and invites prospective clients to contact him with any questions they may have. Mr. Doughman is a graduate of New York University and practices in Green Bay, Wisconsin.