Few things are as satisfying and enriching than a successful marriage. On the other hand, few things are as demoralizing and generally miserable than a bad marriage. Good marriages don’t happen by accident–they’re the result of hard work and constant dedication to the enrichment of the relationship. But even the best relationships encounter ‘rough patches’ that must find resolution.

Couples in a strong marriage address crisis by communicating honestly and openly. This attempt at ‘getting on the same page’ facilitates a positive and proactive effort to understand and solve the problem. The goal isn’t for one person or the other to ‘come out on top’, but for a consensus to emerge that is agreeable to both parties and prioritizes the well-being of the relationship.

Not every married couple has the type of skill set that facilities interpersonal communication and positive conflict resolution. When a married couple faces a crisis, often the best move is calling a trained and experienced marital therapist.

There are many excellent African-American marriage counselors all over the United States. Below are some of the best in the state of Kentucky:

Charmaine M Smith:

Ms. Smith is a licensed marriage and family therapist. She stresses the importance of either repairing or eliminating the toxic relationships in the life of her clients. She helps married couples resolve thorny issues with clear and non-judgemental channels of communication. When couples have an environment in which they can freely express their desires, needs and problems it is possible to find a resolution to many crises. More importantly, it sets a foundation for a relationship that can help eliminate this type of problem in the future. She also has a background in treating trauma, depression and anxiety in individuals and couples.

Ms. Smith works with couples in all phases of the partnership including premarital counseling. Her practice places a heavy emphasis in dealing with self-esteem issues in women or couples. In addition, she has the qualifications to deal with major behavioral problems such as domestic abuse and teen violence. Ms. Smith is a graduate of Louisville Presbyterian Theological Seminary and practices in Louisville, Kentucky.

Beverly Haskins:

Ms. Haskins specialty is to help married couples along with families and individuals deal with the stressful pace of modern life. The stress of earning a living, maintaining a household and raising a family leaves little time for mindfulness or introspection. This chaotic reality of living in the twenty-first century makes it especially difficult for couples to deal with a relationship in crisis. Ms. Haskins seems to divert her clients’ focus–at least temporarily away from the ‘real world’ in order to heal and repair their most intimate relationships.

Ms. Haskins has additional experience in treating a many psychological and emotional issues including anger management issues, depression, anxiety and substance abuse. These conditions can complicate or damage relationships and must be dealt with before anything else. She has also dealt with serious behavior issues such as domestic violence, sexual abuse, and infidelity. She’s also adept at helping her clients pick up the pieces after a crisis is over through career counseling, academic counseling, and life coaching. Ms. Haskins is a graduate of Louisville Seminary and practices in Louisville, Kentucky.

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