What Is Infidelity – Is It Something I Can Get Through My Marriage?

What is infidelity, you may ask? Infidelity is basically a break down of an otherwise contractual relationship that was originally meant to be one of the most fulfilling and rewarding relationships in your life.

Most people are very comfortable committing infidelity, because it allows them to freely explore their own desires without feeling guilty for breaking into another person’s heart. But what is infidelity, and how does it affect you if you are involved in such a relationship?

The vast majority of people who find themselves involved in an affair choose to do so because of a personal crisis, usually relating to a lack of communication or stress in the marriage.

Most couples counseling experts agree that infidelity is usually not an amorous affair; rather, it is usually a matter of communication problems between partners that can lead to other issues if not properly resolved.

For example, some men have affairs in order to satisfy a partner’s needs, but this need may not be fulfilled due to other factors.

If these issues are not properly addressed, then the man may feel the need to seek another woman for himself, which will ultimately lead to infidelity.

When seeking professional help, the first step that should be taken is to determine whether you wish to discuss your infidelity with a therapist or a counselor separately from your spouse.

Some couples do not feel comfortable discussing their issues with a therapist in private, so an extended family member or a trusted friend may be asked to accompany the therapist throughout the therapy process.

This extended family member or friend may also want to become familiar with the couple during this time, so he or she may be asked questions pertaining to their background, desires, behaviors, and current marital status.

When considering what is infidelity, both parties should be honest about their current relationship.

If an individual wants to receive counseling as part of the healing process, the best course of action is to discuss it with a licensed therapist as soon as possible.

Understanding The Meaning and Definition of Infidelity

If you are in a relationship where infidelity is an issue, you might wonder what is infidelity. Infidelity can be defined as any situation where one person who is married or in a committed relationship breaks the express words or agreements made about the relationship during the marriage or relationship.

In many cases, there is no explanation as to why this occurred or what was the true intent.

The cheating spouse(s) claims that it was done in random, while the other spouse(s) claims that the cheating spouse did it in anger.

Why Seek Counseling For Infidelity in Your Relatonship

There are many reasons why an individual would seek professional advice about infidelity.

A relationship expert may be able to help you figure out if your relationship is worth saving or if it should be ended.

You can also receive advice about how you can keep your marriage alive. There is also information on how to deal with the guilt that often accompanies infidelity in a relationship.

This type of information can help you cope with the loss and heartache of infidelity.

There are many benefits of individual counseling or marital therapy when it comes to dealing with infidelity.

It allows people to open up and share their feelings without judgment or shame.

Many individuals are not comfortable sharing their experiences in a group setting so a one-on-one counseling session is better.

Reconciliation of Marital Cheating Through Individual, Group and Couples Counseling

In a group counseling atmosphere, couples who have been through the same situation will hear and support you.

Besides individual or couple counseling, some therapists allow couples to go through an extended family therapy process.

In this type of therapy process, you will get counseling from a licensed therapist, as well as an extended family member.

Sometimes the extended family will provide additional support for the couple as they work through the infidelity issues.

When going through the extended relationship therapy, there will be times when infidelity happens again.

In this instance, the infidelity therapist will discuss the issue with the extended family about whether or not the marriage should be continued.

If there are no other options, then the marriage would be terminated and the affair would end.

This is an example of infidelity therapy being done to help people manage their relationships after having an affair.

Cost For Couples Counseling

The cost of marital therapy will depend on how long you want to continue going to counseling. The cost may range between $100-$300 per 50-minute session.

In some instances, the therapist may charge a consultation fee. However, all in all, the total cost of the infidelity therapy process will be covered either by insurance or by a private agency.

If your therapist charges by the hour or by the session, make sure that you are getting a good deal.

You can also benefit from infidelity therapist may offer group therapy. There are many benefits to this type of therapy.

As you will need to have at least one person with you for the entire duration of the therapy, this will help couples that are struggling with the same issues to talk to one another in a safe setting.

The reason why therapy sessions are conducted this way is because it helps couples to be able to communicate with one another more effectively.

In addition, group therapy can help couples connect with each other outside of the therapy environment, which can be beneficial in regards to building support and trust between the members of the couple.

The last stage of what is infidelity therapy is individual counseling. This individual counseling will focus on individual issues that are related to the relationship.

For example, the infidelity therapist may suggest that the couple discusses their problem with each other over a cup of coffee and then they talk about it in private.

This type of individual counseling can be very helpful as it allows partners to sort out the problem themselves and to then work on it together.

TIMELINE for Recovery From Infidelity

For some couples, it will take many months, or even years to get over an affair. Sometimes, the cheating victim report they are in a constant place of fear that their partner will do it again.

However, over time, with professional counseling, most couples forgive and move forward in their marriage.