A great marriage is hard work. Even for the happiest and harmonious couples it just doesn’t happen ‘by accident’. For marriages that are enduring challenges and difficulties, the best idea is often to turn to an expert. Sometimes enlisting the services of a trained and experienced marital counselor can help a couple get through a crisis.

There is a wide variety of top-notch counselors, each with their own specialties and methodological approach. A marital therapist can help you explore new ways to communicate, resolve problems and re-establish trust and intimacy.

Below is a list of some of African American marriage counselors in the state of Louisiana:

Dr. Joan Telfair Baker:

Dr. Baker brings over 30 years of experience in a wide-ranging group of therapeutic specialties to assist her clients with their needs. Marriage and relationship counseling is among her specialties, but many of her other areas of focus often occur with or as a result of romantic difficulties. These include substance abuse, sexual issues, domestic violence issues, anger management, codependency and food related issues among many others.

Dr. Baker’s treatment methods are also multifaceted and interdisciplinary. Every treatment program focuses on the individual and their specific needs. Some of her approaches include cognitive, behavioral and spiritual treatment methods as part of a holistic course of care. The format and duration of treatment programs vary depending on the needs of an individual or couple and may range from short duration therapy of less than ten sessions to long-term counseling. Dr. Baker is a graduate of Tulane University and practices in New Orleans, LA.

Kimberly Rome Butler:

Ms. Butler’s counseling methodology emphasizes the importance of a two-way channel of communication between the therapist and the client. Her goal is to work with clients as a team with the focus on dealing with problematic situations en route to a better life. She has over a decade of experience in dealing with a wide range of therapeutic needs including work with individuals, couples, and families. Ms. Butler has extensive experience in treating victims of domestic violence or sexual abuse, as well as individuals suffering from behavioral issues such as depression, anxiety, anger and addiction.

Ms. Butler’s practice places special emphasis on the needs of clients struggling with issues of personal identity related to gender, race or sexual orientation. She is a graduate of Georgia State University and practices in the New Orleans area.

Dr. Kenneth Foy:

Dr. Foy has over fifteen years of experience in working with couples and families in crisis. His approach combines counseling with aspects of behavioral psychology to create a holistic, individualized course of treatment unique to each situation. In addition, he places a strong emphasis on theology in his therapy work. The goal of his relationship counseling is to ‘facilitate insight’ into problematic issues and create change through behavior modification.

Dr. Foy has also worked extensively with clients grappling with substance abuse and addiction. He has created a recovery framework entitled ‘Eight Essentials to Recovery’ which draws on concepts from The Bible and 12-Step Programs. Dr. Foy is a graduate of New Orleans Theological Baptist Seminary and practices in the New Orleans area.

Cities With High Divorce & Mental Health Issues:

  • New Orleans
  • Baton Rouge
  • Shreveport
  • Lafayette
  • Lake Charles
  • Kenner